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We work in a way for Qualitative Inculcation of Competencies and Skills

We work in a way for Qualitative Inculcation of Competencies and Skills

We work in a way for Qualitative Inculcation of Competencies and Skills

About Us

It is a group of firms working in two different predominant areas, Education and Business consulting services with its predefined areas of works, principles, and regulations. We are the group of people who wanted to prove that Education could be made easy to learn by enhancing the Cognitive abilities of the learners through the creative and innovative system of Cognitio-Frolic Assisted Learning Management System (CFALMS). It also enhances the areas of discipline by putting in great striving efforts and will make success in all its endeavors.

Founded in 2018, Monspro is on its way to unveil its innovative system of ECKS (Enlightening Competitive Knowledge and Skills) for competitive exams preparation and INEKS (Imparting and Nurturing Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills) for Entrepreneurial development. Monspro is designing a system which is unprecedented in the entire educational and entrepreneurial ecosystem by the integration of Education-Technology-Entertainment. (ETE system).


To better the educational and entrepreneurial ecosystem through different innovative and creative approaches.
To significantly contribute for the economic growth and thus improve the lives of the people.

Why Monspro

Looking for great services! Hire your masters here. We are sick of being experts in our works and we practiced to it. We never compare us with other because we are unique in our way. Now, we might not be fame, but, we know that we are standing on own.

We are the people craze on challenges and risks towards the path of the sky. We love the game and so we play the game even if it is difficult. Increasing the quality would be the compensation for enhancing the growth. We never consider the negatives; instead we focus indefinite optimism through which we could reach the target easily and effectively. We do not want the next generation to experience the same thing that previous generations did. We are a team of youngsters who grabs the opportunities to show the world that we are here…

We work for our best and our best results your best. We analyze, we accept, we face and we achieve. If you believe that this generation with technology can do more, then you are smart!!! So, you ready to enjoy it.

Our Service

what we provide

With the Mission

To provide qualitative knowledge services that are cognitive ability oriented to enhance the competency of the aspirants.

With the Vision

To contribute ourselves for the economic development in all the possible innovative ways

Competitive in Nature

Are you expecting the services at its best? Then choose Monspro, because we are competitive in nature to provide the services at the best.

Solution focused

What valuable service is nobody building? Monspro is certainly focused to provide end-to-end solutions that would add value to the existing ecosystem.

Make Incremental advances

Are the success bubble should be indulged? Anyone who wants/thinks to change the world should be humble; Monspro create small incremental steps for them with the integration of innovative and creative ways into it.

Monspro Biz

Monspro Biz is all about our works and us. We are the youngsters who grew up in the environment between successful entrepreneurs and business people. By way, we believe that we could be one of them having acquisition required knowledge and skills to be successful. Monspro Biz work on major kind of Business Consulting Services as B2B. We turned our talents as our passion and our passion is our profession. We like to stand alone on the right path than in a congested wrong path. Our services support your pride and success.

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Monspro Tutors

Tutors Moto is to provide quality of knowledge in the education, particularly in competitive examination preparation and software training, and to be known for providing the best in class and online web services to increase the competency of every aspirant.


Enlightening Competitive Knowledge and Skills (ECKS) – Education is innately essential, that should be approachable....

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Imparting and Nurturing Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills (INEKS) – Entrepreneurship needs courage to make...

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