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INEKS - Imparting and Nurturing Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills

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INEKS - Imparting and Nurturing Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills

Imparting and Nurturing Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills (INEKS) – Entrepreneurship needs courage to make ones dreams come true and see possibilities, solutions and opportunities for the future where others see only problems. Monspro works with these kinds of aspirants to equip and find the way in all the aspects of starting form Ideation to till the commercialization. Monspro have the zeal and ability to be part of the journey of Entrepreneurial aspirants and be the primary factor for the economic development thus creating a better livelihood of the human beings.


Monspro Tutors also working on setting up and managing the incubation centres by collaborating with the college institutes within the college space. Incubators provide hands-on Business and Entrepreneurial knowledge to the students in the period of college days. The real-time experience on any kind of business is given by incubators that make the students work on the practical business risks, competitions, strategies, provides a comprehensive and integrated range of support that includes business atmosphere, mentoring, training and guidance, networking and of other benefits.

It is equally essential in this era to set up an incubator and prepare the students to face the real business world. Incubators give the opportunity to networking, experiencing, and especially to work on innovations and creativity. Nurturing the students with essential and entertaining components changes their career to the business world with the help of faculty, trainers, and industrial experts. Students are offered with experience to incubate Ideas, Potential markets, Office Space, Opportunities to Network. The period of incubators for every startup varies from 1 – 5 years upon the ideas.

Monspro Incubators works on guidance and implementations part of any Startup if required by the team and also on some basic amenities includes assess the market conditions and entrepreneurs’ requirements, identify team and service providers, Arrange for resources (Space, Connectivity, Datacentre, Services, Furnishing, IT infra & support, others), Establish industry linkages, Schedule activities, attract, select, retain & manage Startup.


Accelerators help the Startup to accelerate the process or business plan. It also works on scaling up the flow of the business and the operations. Accelerators aid the Startups by providing the services that include consultation, branding, fundraising, mentoring, and some more. It also works faster than the incubator to grow one business and the team. It aims to make up the growth of the company of both the volume and value of the Startup. It raises the fund for the Startup by connecting investors and makes investors believe to put on the larger investments to the Startup. It creates the platform to live the mid-level life of Entrepreneurs and it accelerates for a period of 3 – 6 years to every Startup.

Here, Monspro Tutors aids the students to gain the knowledge of business and Entrepreneurship through incubators and aids the Startup to accelerate and process the idea of business through the accelerator.